Over the years, many members of our Society have recorded their memories. We are making these available as scanned documents. Some of the smaller documents can be downloaded directly:

Betty Baker
Some memories of wartime in Pevensey

Margery Duerdoff
Margery began teaching at Pevensey and Westham School in 1952 - before the builders had finished.

Rezen Geering
Rezen was born in 1888 and came from a family that had been working with iron for 200 years. He worked at the blacksmith's forge at Blackness. His daughter gives an account of Hankham and Stone Cross at the turn of the twentieth century here - a time when the Red Lion stayed open all night for travellers.. There is also an interview with Rezen here.

Leslie Tapp
Leslie was born in Westham in 1901 and lived here through the two World Wars. Leslie worked in engineering firms and had an interest in making things - he also owned 17 gramophones. He had  a close attention to material detail and gives us an eyewitness account of the Pevensey Pageant in 1908.

Betty Wenham
Betty lived at Dittons Farm in the 1920s. Here she describes her family and her neighbours, including Colonel Gwynne of Wootton Manor.

Many of these recollections are, unfortunately to large to be downloaded on this page. They can be provided via email if you wish.

These include 

Mrs C Moss           A handwritten essay of reminiscences.
Elsie Stuart          Autobiography The Youngest of Five
Roger Tapp          Memories of the postwar period, including details of Roger's schooldays in the 1950s and extrats from his diaries in the 1970s.

Memoirs which do not relate to Pevensey and Westham, but which were written by local residents include:

Ted Cassell    
      An Ordinary Boy: Some scribbled memories of my early life in Farnham.
Ted was born in 1938 and this autobiography covers his life up the day of the Coronation.
Maurice Macey    A Spitfire Voice. This is about Maurice's experiences as a wartime pilot and POW. The document  is in fact from a published collection "Spitifre Voices", so we cannot offer copies. Interestingly, the version in the Society library has a paragraph excised, presumably by Macey himself.

Please contact us if you wish to see these.

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