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Pevensey: the Port and the Levels

G M Sacret, introduction by Robert A Slater , CLX Publishing


Geoffey Sacret (1908 - 1987) was a keen sportsman when young, and became a master at King Edward's School, Birmingham. He spent many years researching the history of Pevensey, and added some information about Roman Westham to Sussex Notes and Queries. He was especially interested in the history of the  town and countryside, rather than with the Castle. He seems to have published little, apart from a guide to the Pevensey Court House.

He was well known to the staff at the Sussex Archaeological Society in Lewes: when he died in 1987, they gathered up his papers and organised them into a single typescript. The work was completed in 1992 and - in those days before the internet - a number of typed copies were produced. Two of these are in the possession of the PWHS.

The resulting work is, in large part, a summary of articles from the Sussex Archaeological Collections.   Sacret weaves these - along with his own researches - into a continuous detailed narrative. This is a very useful contribution to local studies,  and Mr Slater should be congratulated for his efforts in making the  book generally available.

The Kindle edition costs £1.99 and can be found at Amazon

Richard Slater has produced a paperback edition of G C Sacrets ‘Pevensey the Port and the Levels’ a 155pp paperback with illustrations retailing on Amazon at 8.95

Making History in Pevensey
Alan Starr, Pom Press, Mar 2017

"Alan J Starr has attempted an accurate history of Pevensey, all the while admitting the impossibility of his task. The old Cinque Port with its picturesque Roman fortified fragments, confused and shifting shoreline and endless battles with Papists, floods, sewers and crooked councillors is a morass of conflicting theories and legend... Starr has painstakingly researched fact and fiction.."  Sussex Life, October 2017

The paperback edition costs £7.99 and can be found at Amazon.

Pevensey Goes to War
Pevensey Village Partnership, Carolyn LIttle  Mar 2017

A brief account of the Great War with special reference to the Sussex Regiment: the book lists the men of the villages who died in the Great War. Available at the Information Centre, £1.50. The full text can be read below,

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