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Posted by Geoff Fowler on 03/03/2018   Email

I am researching the Fowler Family. My 5 x grandfather was John Fowler born illegitimately to Catharine Fowler on 17 May 1769. Catharine nee Michell we think was married to William Henry Fowler who was buried in St Marys Westham on 13 July 1760 and Catharine later married James Sodder in 1777. So William Fowler is NOT my forbear. Was James Sodder the father of John. I wonder. Catherine died in 1810 at the ripe old age of 94 according to St Marys parish register. Catharine is something of a mystery marrying William in 1746 in Eastbourne. According to the census compiled by Rev John Nicholl in July 1751 Catharine and William lived in Hanckham St and James Sodder in Rickney. Now my requests. Does anyone have any details of Fowler and Sodder families, particularly Catharine. Does your group have an old map 1700-1800 of Westham parish so I can retrace Rev Nicholls epic survey Geoff Fowler

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